Mobile Apps

I-TT offers a smart, interactive own branded mobile travel solutions. We leverage a broad and deep knowledge of the Travel Industry, Mobile Technology and Cloud Services to aggregate and deploy products and Value-Added Services.

We get you connected to your citizens and visitors and stay connected to them when they are on the go.

Destination Explorer

Using the most modern technologies to turn your trip into a real adventure with local history, geography and tradition integrated into your own personal game through augmented reality and smart

I-TT’s Destination explorer enhances community experiences and engagement while sharing local values and lifestyles.

I-TT Travel Assistant

I-TT Mobile Travel Assistant is a digital travel companion that assists the Traveler at different stages of their journey.  It aims to make travel for the user easier, safer, and more enjoyable. It provides constant support from routes, hotels, museums, events and restaurants for travel services all with eco options and low carbon choices. Search and customize your list of destinations to go, things to see, places to explore and experiences to cherish.